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Wedding Postponing with Corona Covid Virus Updates The Bride Social


We get it, believe us all when we say, “we get it”. Trying to navigate these constant changes and shifts are never ceasing.

Postpone, don’t postpone. Reschedule a couple months out and then have to reschedule again. The constant changes, updates, or lack there of are disheartening.

At the same time, there are posts being shared with A LOT of speculation. Uncertainty even though they portray to know the answers. Well, we are going to share what we can surely say are some certainties. And we are going to do it without getting wordy. Right now, facts and details are what’s important.

Weddings Will Be Changing

For the foreseeable future, in almost all states here in the U.S., weddings will be changing. There is no doubt about that.

Furthermore, the industry will be making a HUGE shift to adjust itself to the new.

Assuming that you and your partner are indeed planning your wedding which will take place once restrictions are lifted, we want to share some thoughts.

First And Foremost

Your vendors are your lifeline. More than ever, communicate with all of your vendors through this process. While your wedding may be a smaller gathering, each of the professionals you invite into your day is just as important as they were before.

Planners for instance, while your day may not be as many hours long as it was originally planned, there are just as many intricate pieces. Add to that, all working to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Your planner will be your rock star and keep every piece moving.

Photographers, okay, we know this is sort of a no-brainer. Your memories still deserved to be captured. And working with your photographer on a shorter timeframe but still capturing the important pieces of the day matters now more than ever. Think about the guests who may now not be able to make it. They will appreciate seeing these moments in photos even more so now.

Florists, you deserve for the day to still look beautiful, magical even. If your bridal party is smaller due to “social distancing” or the likes, maybe you work with the florist and shift pieces of your budget to create a more stunning ceremony location. Allow your florist to work with your color themes more and try to be less particular about blooms as some may now be more difficult to acquire.

Videographers, same as photographers. And the reality, if you have shortened your day, the time is going to fly by even quicker. Having a video of your memories may be something you would regret not having. A videographer will capture the emotions of the day in a way that only a video can. Again, especially for the guests whom can’t make it to the day.

DJ’s, you may be thinking, fewer individuals will dance, that may be true. However, a DJ is still an integral part of your day. As with the rest of the professionals on your day, maybe you won’t need them for 5 hours. The reality though, a DJ keeps the flow of your day on track with your planner. And having a professional there to keep the music on track, some entertainment rolling. And the two of you still deserve a first dance, parent dances and more. With less guests, your dance floor may be able to utilize more venue space.

Slow dances may be more present for the near future and speeches, toasts and other formalities / entertainment options that your DJ can offer will be in the highlight.

Your venue, there’s not much of a way to not have them included. Working to make sure the times are met and guidelines are followed will be integral to them and your guests. Work directly with your venue coordinator so the day flows smoothly.

We could go on, what we are simply trying to share is that ALL of your vendors are still just as important as before. If not more so. Communication with your vendors is just as important as communication with your partner in these times.

Wedding Postponing with Corona Covid Virus Updates The Bride Social

What Else Do We Know?

Some other advice and tips that we want to share, weddings will, without a doubt be smaller in size. This isn’t an awful thing. That’s not to say we don’t understand a little sadness over not having 150 of your favorite people supporting you in your marriage and day, but a more intimate event can be magical. Work to embrace the change and your day will be incredible.

Streaming your day?

There are options to live-stream your ceremony and even your entire day online. This will allow guests who couldn’t make it, due to age, health, or the downsizing of your wedding to still be present. Contact us here and we will help you coordinate a streaming service perfect for your day.

Your Ceremony

Your ceremony may see some changed with the distancing in guests and bridal party. Your bridal party may have reserved seating instead of standing side by side. Guests may see less seats, with standing room allowing for more personal space while taking part in your ceremony. All that, and your ceremony may just be shorter in length overall. That still doesn’t take away from your wedding and your love though.

Reception Adjustments

Your reception may see the most changes. With bar services having guards up between the bartenders and guests. Table settings will need to be adjusted where you won’t see 10 people at a round table. You may see more families sitting together at smaller tables. With more space between them all.

Instead of buffet service, more plated meals with guests served individually in order to keep guests from being in a line with other guests. Let’s be honest, venues don’t have the space to have 75 guests be 6 feet apart while in line.

In Time

In the coming weeks, more exact and relative tips and details will be coming out. What we, here at The Bride Social & The Groom Social don’t want to do is speculate. Steer anyone in directions that may not be true or confuse anyone. So stay tuned to everything coming down the pipe as we navigate what will be, a new wedding industry.

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