Are Small Weddings The New Normal?

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What if you found great help and tips for a small or smaller wedding? Is this all the new normal?

Are smaller weddings what the industry will now see across the board? Maybe the days of working through the task of inviting 200 of your nearest friends and family members are over? Maybe the $30K debt that your wedding might leave you in is a thing of the past?

Not all change is bad, and as the industry shifts and adapts to this new normal that we “thank” covid-19 for, there might possibly be some good here.

Will Smaller Weddings Be The New Normal?

Well, no matter what anyone says, they are simply making their best guess as to what the future holds. If there’s one thing we know, the future is so unpredictable.

Furthermore, we have seen such drastic shifts in the past 12 months, we may see more. Don’t be nervous though, weddings, love, your love, will prevail.

With that, while the industry has shared content piled onto more content as to how creating a large wedding is possible. There’s less out there guiding couples through the process of creating a small intimate wedding. Plus, a smaller wedding means a smaller budget and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the thought of that.

So let us help with that by sharing some easy to follow thoughts.

First and Foremost, Traditions.

It’s time to rethink traditions. By taking advantage of your pared down guest list you have the options to have your celebrations at locations which would otherwise have been off limits.

A state or national park? Maybe a scenic overlook. A favorite restaurant. Or maybe a backyard of a family member or friend. Many times it’s as simple as contacting the town or park for a permit or thumbs up from a relative.

Off peak times. This is the other nice part of a smaller wedding, because you will most likely be closer to all of those attending, you’re able to work an off peak non-traditional time which will also allow your guests to enjoy more of their day and save on funds. Think Sunday morning brunch wedding, the “I-do’s” a tasty brunch with mimosas and laughter and the rest of the day to enjoy for all. Heading out on adventures, calm afternoon for all. The list goes on.

tips for smaller wedding

Focus On What’s Important To You

You know, this is and always was your day. Much in line with the traditions, you can create a day around what is truly important to you. If dancing isn’t your thing, forgo the dance floor and create a playlist that will suit your entire day. We aren’t saying to ditch the DJ all together, simply share what your thoughts are and more than likely, they will work with you to create the day you need.

Want a bonfire for roasting s’mores instead of an extra fancy wedding cake, we say “why aren’t we invited?”

Let go of the caterers and hire a food truck for your day. Plus, food-trucks are awesome!!!

Does white wash you out or maybe it’s just not your thing? Go get that colorful dress you scored at a market and you rock that out!

Biggest piece of this all, you do you. We love you no matter what you choose!

Guest List Cut

Over and over again, we have said and will probably say it again, your budget will rise and fall with the count of your guest list. That’s right, the cost of your wedding is directly affected by the guest count. Do you need to read that again? Maybe let it soak in a little?

Your guest count will not just dictate the size of your venue, but also how much alcohol you will need to provide which is a VERY large piece of every wedding expense.

Cutting your guest lost down is a great way to cut costs but we aren’t so much talking about cutting your list down. We’re talking about guest lists that are capped due to mandates. So don’t hesitate to start with your closest family, best friends and then reach further. And again, if your state has limits of guests, your bridal party and vendors are part of that count.

Pairing down your guest list is harder than one may think. A great way to decide who is important is to ask yourself one question. “Have I talked to this person in the past 3 months?” This question will generally ensure that only your nearest and dearest are there for your day.


Being a smaller wedding may give you more opportunities to make the day a DIY event. Creating your own centerpieces or signs. Maybe making your own cupcakes and treats. Just remember, DIY doesn’t mean do it ALL yourself. Invite some friends or family members over to help. Let’s face it, in the face of covid, we are all ready to come hang. (this is another time you can invite us. We will even bring the wine. haha)

Maybe you even have talented family members who are just waiting for you to ask for their help, cooking those wedding cookies, creating signature cocktails. Use a divide and conquer approach and not only will you keep things affordable, but you’ll keep stress from piling up.


Well, this is an option. And it’s not a bad one. Eloping doesn’t mean you are running off to city hall or Vegas. (though you totally can)

It simply means that you may forego all the formalities for what’s most important. Your love. ( tips for eloping )

tips for smaller wedding
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