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Kelly Elizabeth Events Highlight The Bride Social

Highlighting Wedding Professionals

When we were deciding which wedding professional to highlight this week, Kelly Elizabeth Events was a no-brainer. Not that we don’t have brains that could use a little extra use right now, just that Kelly Soule is that awesome.

Kelly comes from a background that runs deep in the event planning. And while her history has years of corporate event experience with large and powerful organizations/companies. She also has 8 incredible years planning and coordinating weddings of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.

From a fine tuned website with constant blog updates to a steady flow on social media, Kelly Elizabeth Events is an event planning company you can trust.

Kelly Elizabeth Events Highlight The Bride Social

The Bride Social (TBS): Why/How or What piqued your interest in the wedding industry?

Kelly Elizabeth Events (KEE) I started my event planning career in the financial and entertainment industries working for a variety of top industry clients.

Throughout all of that experience, Wedding Planning opportunities naturally came up through family, friend and client referrals. I was really attracted to working closely with couples and their families on the most special day of their lives. Combining my passion for events and logistics with people and creativity seemed like a natural fit.

TBS: What do you love most about a wedding day? What’s your favorite piece to be involved with?

KEE: With our couples, we are involved in every aspect of the Wedding Day. From getting everyone ready and where they need to be, greeting vendors and helping them set up and putting those finishing touches on all the personal details they spent months putting together, we love ensuring that every detail is perfect.

The energy on a Wedding day is like nothing else. The moment we look around at an empty venue before set up when we arrive and the first moment we see the Bride on the morning-of are two of our favorite moments because they fill our hearts and adrenaline tanks. However, there is not moment through the day that compares to sending a Bride down the aisle. Helping ensure every hair is in place, her dress is fluffed and most importantly, she takes one last deep breath before opening the doors for her to make that special walk is such a deeply personal moment we are honored to experience with our Brides.

TBS: Do you have any goals when going into a wedding day?

KEE: Our top priority for us is that our clients get to be GUESTS at their Wedding. That includes the couple, their families and ALL of their guests. There are so many emotions involved in a Wedding Day and that’s what everyone should be focused on.

The excitement, happiness, nerves (yes these are normal!) should be their focus, not whether the escort cards are setup 🙂 We provide all of that peace of mind to our clients ahead of time so they can go into the day focusing on themselves.

Kelly Elizabeth Events on The Bride Social Highlight

TBS: If you could give 3 tips/pieces of advice for planning their wedding?

KEE:  1) Make your priority list. This is extremely important for so many pieces (like budget) and will also be great for those sleepless nights when you may find yourself waking up worrying about something you aren’t sure if you should even be worried about. Discuss with your fiance (3) things are that are most important to you about your Wedding Day. I encourage you not to make these materials but feelings. For example, instead of Music, say – I want our guest’s feet to hurt from dancing so much! These will help you focus on the important pieces like the people and meaning behind your Wedding and less on the nitty-gritty details that can bog you down.

2) Ask for help! Unless you happened to work in the Wedding Industry, you are NOT expected to know how to plan a Wedding. This is something everyone goes through yet they don’t teach you this in school. You’re somehow just expected to know how to do this! We always recommend having a Day-of Coordinator who at least can help you navigate the day-of planning, but if you don’t hire a planner, lean on your vendors and professional resources to ask questions. Again I repeat, you are not expected to know this!

3) Delegate, Delegate! This stems from the advice to ask for help, but not in a professional setting. Something we see over and over are brides who try to take on everything themselves. There are always family members, friends, bridesmaids, etc that ask “what can I do?” For some reason, many brides are afraid to ask for help! Here’s our hack: make a list of the items that are stressing you out the most, or to be frank, don’t want to do – and anytime someone asks – give them something off of that list!

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TBS: If you could give 3 tips/pieces of advice for a couple ON their wedding day, what would you share?

KEE: 1) Give your phone to someone else. Designate someone who can answer any calls/questions that people may be asking you.

2) Let go. Your vendors, friends and family are all there with your love and best interest at heart. Let them take the wheel so you can just enjoy.

3) BREATHE! Everyone once in awhile, take a big deep breath.

What are 2/3 questions couples should ask a professional in your business category before booking their wedding? And what would your answer to those questions be?

How many Weddings do you do a year and how do you make each one unique? With companies that do full-time Weddings, they are often doing upwards of Weddings a year (sometimes even more!) We love to work with vendors that take the time to get to know their clients and ensure they are catering to their preferences and needs. Weddings are not cookie cutter and it’s important to work with vendors who don’t operate that way. We approach every Wedding from a “start from scratch” attitude. Of course, we have all of our Wedding document templates, but when it comes to helping them create a vision for their day, we have an in-depth discussion with them about their lives before making any recommendations.

What’s a challenge you encountered during a Wedding and how did you overcome it? Your vendors are the first responders on your Wedding day. You want to ensure that you have problem-solvers who can ensure a seamless day for you and your guests. Once, we worked with a day-of coordination client who booked a limo for her bridal party ahead of time. As in our scope of services, we confirmed the limo the night before and the morning of. When it came time for pickup, we called the dispatch to let them know we were ready and I would meet them at the front to discover the limo was never dispatched and would be 1 hour late. We were in a time crunch because the Church had a hard stop time for the Ceremony end time, so we didn’t have 1 hour to wait. I told the limo to meet us at the Church and I called 3 Uber XLs, filled them with the Bridal Party and sent them on their way. The key to this story is that we did not go to the Bride without a plan. There wasn’t any time to discuss ideas or blame the limo company. We went to her with a calm demeanor, told her the limo was running late and would not make it in time to pick her up to get to the Church, so we have called 3 Escalades that are downstairs and she can take the Limo to the Reception. She looked at me, took a breath and said okay – thank goodness we have you!

TBS: Is there a location/venue anywhere in the world you really want to cover a wedding?

KEE: We’d love to do a Mountain destination Wedding somewhere! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE tropical and beach destinations, but we love a majestic mountain backdrop!

TBS: When you’re not working what are your favorite past times?

KEE: I’m a huge advocate for animal rescue! My husband and I foster dogs through Last Hope K9 here in Boston and it’s one of our favorite parts of our lives!

TBS: Is there anything else you want to share about your business or anything you want to share with couples?

KEE: We repeat – you are NOT supposed to know how to do this! Your questions, concerns, anxieties, and misunderstandings are totally normal. We’re here to educate you and help you plan a wedding that reflects you and your fiance perfectly!

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