A Quick Highlight!

We continue to move forward here at The Bride Social and we are working on doing so in our own ways with our own tools and platforms.

Next week our content flow will increase with pieces that truly matter. From updates about the new direction of weddings and more importantly, relationship pieces. Highlighting not just how to plan a wedding together, but to also grow as a couple far beyond just your wedding day.

The best parts though! Well, that would be what we just finalized and what’s coming next!

First up, why deal with politics, a flooded media stream with content that builds anxiety and stress when you can simply join a social network being built around weddings? Your wedding!

That’s right, we have that social network built just for you. Because we arre doing things differently. Our way, for you.

Check it out here.


And next up, well that’s just another awesome platform we are developing to help every individual in the wedding world. For couples and wedding pros. That will be our online marketplace. And no, we aren’t doing this to sell you a bag with “bride” written on it. While that’s cute and all (we do love a cute bag), we are creating a platform that is truly built for you. Where ever you are in the wedding world. This one is for you.

So keep your heart open and your eyes on the lookout. In the mean time, you should head over and check out the social network. That other platform, built just for you!


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