You Lost Your Groom!

A Lost Groom?

A Lost Groom? WHAT!

You look down, your maid of honor is slipping on that Choo shoe (wait wait, don’t get sucked into their site yet). The shoe hugs your foot. Your heart rate lifts as you feel the moment getting close.

In the corner of the room you hear “has anyone seen the groom!”. You spring up, “FIND MY GROOM!”

Lay Flat Lay The Bride Social

Tips To Find The Groom!

Tip 1: Hang tight, the groom will probably be back in due time. Maybe he needed air, he’ll be back in a minute so everything is good.

Tip 2: Where’s the best man? One of the top rolls of the best man, keep track of the groom at all times! Where you find one, you’ll probably find the other. Call him, text him, yell from the rooftops. “Where for art thou best man and groom?!?!?” If the best man is missing as well, enlist the troops! Family, ushers. It’s go time!

Tip 3: Set up a communication chain. Exchange numbers, create a search perimeter and set all systems to “GO!”. Send up the helicopters, release the hounds! Or better yet, create a zoom meeting before launching the search party. You will be able to watch the search go down!

Wes Anderson Binoculars

Tip 4: Split up! Not you and the groom, you guys aren’t splitting up! You’re getting married. Search party split up! Ring bearers and flower girls can search low spots and fit into tight corners. Have them check under furniture. Send ushers up trees for a birds-eye view! Covering more ground here is key!

Tip 5: Have you checked the bathroom? The groom may just be adjusting his attire, straightening his hair, or dealing with an upset stomach. A venue/hotel has many bathrooms. Also, check out back. Maybe he needed to step away from where guests and family won’t see him.

Tip 6: Is he in his car? Maybe he’s listening to your favorite songs, feeling your love and is so excited about seeing you walk down the aisle. He may simply be jamming out with some water.

Tip 7: Okay, still haven’t found him? It’s time to step up the game. Two options. One, golf course! Was he hit in the head with a golf ball? Attacked by a gator while he was looking for the ball he hit in the water? Next option. Local bars (including golf course bar). Send drivers and search-party. It’s not often, but it won’t be the last time a groom just needed a drink and it turns into maybe one drink, two drink, three drink. #drunk

Tip 8: Okay, last resort. bus terminals, train stations, airports. Stop all outbound departures. This dude is not getting away that quickly!!!!

Wedding officiant lost at sea


Your alarm goes off, and you look to your side. Your man is still right there. He loves you, he’s not going anywhere.

Waking up he looks at you. See’s panic in your eyes. “What’s wrong baby?”

“I’m good. It was just a “funny” dream.”

And he’s a guy so he scratches his head, gives you a kiss and rolls back over. (while you sit there staring at him with a glare in your eyes, still pissed he caused you stress – even though it was a dream, it is still his fault right? )

Close-up image Bride Adjusting Groom's Tie, sun backlit. Bride put hand on groom's shoulder. Artwork Outdoors.

That was just for fun but…

Further more, beyond just a fun post about something that isn’t going to happen on your day, you may be on edge a bit leading up to your day.

Are you feeling the nerves or pressure? None of us at The Bride Social want you to feel any of those little anxiety trolls sneaking in. And right now, if there is added stress due to all the planning confusion, it’s more important than ever to “keep calm and bride on”.

Avoiding A Nervous Breakdown

Ignore Minor Irritations

We don’t mean your mother or mother in law. Ignoring them may sound like a good idea but you may need them to help as well.

We really mean the day to day irritations. Avoid rush hour traffic. We don’t know a single person who enjoys rush hour traffic. Make sure any government needs are taken care of long before your wedding day (government workers, we LOVE you but the system isn’t always bride friendly). Drivers license? Car registration. Steer clear as you get close to your wedding day.

Thinking about co-workers at work, let those thoughts be dealt with after your wedding. They’re not going anywhere. Kicking caffeine, don’t try it. And starting a plumbing or house project. Oh gosh. Can it wait?

Put Yourself Into A Relaxed State

Is there an item that brings calm? As simple as a rock, a pendant, a lucky rabbits foot. Visualize a calming scene while you’re holding onto something tactile. Moving forward, when you begin to feel anxious or stress, hold onto your object again to restore your sense of calm.

Practice Yoga/Meditation

You don’t have to be a full time yogi to find a simple pose to reduce stress. Simple poses where you won’t get injured by falling over or pulling a muscle. Tree pose, child’s pose, corpse pose (can they think of a new name for that one?)

Tree pose, a simple core pose that will have you working just enough to think about only the pose you are hoping to accomplish.

Child’s pose, this pose is less involved. However, it will calm your soul and may possibly bring forward more emotions. Allow those emotions to come through and embrace the calm that follows.

Corpse pose. This will allow you to reach complete relaxation. (don’t fall asleep though). And with a corpse pose, you could also incorporate simple breathing techniques.

One breathing technique that may help


Laughing is a great way to relieve the nerves. Rent some funny movies. Play fun games like cards against humanity (who can’t laugh at some of those game play moves). Science has proven that laughter has a power stronger than most medications.

Last but not least… Elope

While this isn’t what we want to see, after your planning and financial commitments. There are times when you need a change of plans. And eloping is one. You can still invite family, friends and get away for smaller nuptials. ( side note, we don’t mean a game day decision where you wake up on your wedding day and decide to elope. K. Thanks. )

While this piece began with the intentions of just raising some eyebrows and having fun. We do want to always help in some way. And with that, use the above techniques leading up to and even on your wedding day in order to relieve stress and anxiety.

We are with you.

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