Honeymoon To Buddymoon

Honeymoon to Buddymoon The Bride Social Shares Why

A Buddymoon?

Hang on, how, when, and why did a honeymoon turn into a buddy-moon?

Good question. When may not be the easiest question to answer, how is a little easier, and why is what we will be answer.


Yes, a buddy-moon. When you go on your honeymoon but you bring your besties on the trip to. By “bring” we mean they tag along on the trip, they pay for themselves and do things alone and as a group.

You haven’t heard of them? With all of this quarantine time and social distancing which really we take as physical distancing, buddy-mooning will be a trend that surely picks up speed.

Obviously You Don’t Have To

This is a completely new thought, we know. And you don’t have to share your bae with anyone while you vacation away from life and possibly family.

We can help with reasons why bringing your crew after “I do” may just be a genius trend to jump on board with!

Think about your bucket list. When you created that list, (you do have one right?) there were probably items, locations, and excursions you added that included friends and or family as well as your love. A honeymoon is an incredible time to check some of those activities and explorations off the list. And you get to do it with your favorite people and your new partner in life. Talk about creating memories.

The More The Merrier

I wish it weren’t true, but it is. After your wedding day has concluded chances are pretty good you are going to be feeling some degree of let down. The planning is over, the party had it’s last drink, and now? What now?

Instead of moping around and passing time by just sitting on the beach or wandering around wining and dining, nothing against your new partner in crime but friends have a way to lift everyones spirits up. (though we do want you to choose carefully)

squad goals

Yes, It’s Your Honeymoom

Yes yes yes! 100% your honeymoon. For you and your husband or wife. And nothing will take that away from either of you.

Many times though, there are activities that one of you may love while the other isn’t feeling so excited about. Or possibly just downright doesn’t want to do. Mountain biking down from the top of the volcano back to the beach may sound incredible! Orrrr, maybe you’re just thinking “you do you boo”. But sitting on the beach or in the room along all day, that doesn’t sound like much fun. Now picture if you could call on your bestie and spend the day together while your hubby is off falling down the mountain. Not to mention the evening dinner over and over again for an entire week. Being able to mix it up with your crew would be perfect.

All that being said though, you do get to still fall into the bed together, or sleep in late in the mornings, legs tangled, koala hugs all around.

Family Is Great

We love your family too! They’re awesome. They are incredible to the 10th degree! And all the questions they will have after the honeymoon, well those may leave you hiding under your bed for a week.

So maybe bringing family is the way to go? Instead of having to share the same stories 6 times over. What you did, how the flights were, the food, the music, where you went, who you met. And on and on and on.

Inviting key family members on the trip (again, they can pay for themselves) will mean everyone will get to take in some of the moments with you. When the two of you get back from a hike, they will know how you scraped your knee as you jumped off the waterfall together. You can decide if you want to invite them to dinners and more. It’s up to you what parts of the trip they join in on.

Digital Disconnect

Yes, yes, yes! You get to completely disconnect from life. If the important people and your besties are close by, there’s less need to respond to anyone. Less texts about what you’re doing or where you are. Less emergency concerns. Plus, if you’re all on a sunset cruise and it’s taken over by pirates, you all know what to do as a super tribe and can take the ship back from the pirates saving everyone on board!

And let’s be honest, sometimes you might need a reason to leave the “comfort of the sheets”. Yes, that’s what we’re calling it now, comfort of the sheets. “wink wink”…

Anyway. Maybe looking forward, you want to plan a buddy-moon for your honeymoon and keep the party going?

Let us know what you’re thinking about a honeymoon vs buddy-moon in the comments or on our contact page.

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